1 Henry Cavill Man of Steel Scene That Broke the Fandom Addressed by DC Artist 10 Years Later


When it comes to actors who have brought Superman, an already fan-favorite character, to life, Henry Cavill’s portrayal of the character is definitely up there. And Man of Steel can be called one of the crowning jewels in his tenure of playing the character. Although the movie, at the time, failed to garner fans’ full praise over the years, it has now become a cult classic.

However, one of the reasons behind the initial perception of the movie has always been deemed to be because of several factors, and a controversial scene from the movie has consistently made the list. Therefore, a DC storyboarder very recently decided to address the issue with the scene.

Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel
Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel

Jay Oliva Addressed a Controversial Scene From Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel!

A decade after the release of Man of Steel, opinions about the movie still remain highly diverse and extreme. Fans recently revisited a controversial scene that featured Superman and General Zod causing mass destruction, especially focusing on the parking lot’s destruction.

The debate on the social media platform called X, formerly known as Twitter, centered on whether Henry Cavill’s Superman allowed people to perish in the lot during their battle or if it was empty at the time. And amidst the ongoing discussion, one of the movie’s creators intervened to address this long-standing debate, finally offering some much-needed clarity on the matter, which fans were deprived of for the longest time imaginable.

 Jay Oliver on X said,

“I came up with that scene and had no bystanders anywhere shown and used and empty parking lot for said destruction. If you want to believe that there’s people in there then that’s on you but not what’s in the film or what was intended.”

The said scene from Man of Steel
The Superman vs Zodd showdown

Oliva clarified that no Metropolis citizens were near or were harmed when Superman evaded a tanker truck, causing it to hit a parking garage and explode. This new context shifts perceptions of the scene where it was known until now that Superman seemingly ignored the explosion. This gave fans a fresh new perspective to ponder upon.

Why Did Man of Steel Garner Such Mixed Reviews?

The fans mostly were divided on the movie’s darker and more serious tone compared to previous Superman adaptations. Moreover, the film’s extensive action sequences and the level of destruction caused during Superman’s battles sparked debate among viewers.

Although the new revelation made by Jay Oliva does make things better, the ending will be another huge aspect responsible for the mixed reviews the movie received. The battle across Metropolis undoubtedly caused significant casualties, highlighting a missed opportunity for Cavill’s Superman to actively protect civilians or reduce the city’s devastation during the conflict.

The said scene from Man of Steel
The Battle of Metropolis in Man of Steel (2013)

Additionally, some fans also felt the portrayal of Superman lacked the traditional essence and lighter tone that is often associated with the character. The film’s departure from certain classic Superman elements mostly led to divided opinions, contributing to its mixed reception.

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