21+ Tree Tattoo Ideas to Inspire Your Next Ink Design

Like the natural figures they are modeled after, tree tattoos are timeless and transcend fashion. From tiny sprouts and limbs to massive Redwoods and celestial arbors, trees are profoundly significant elements of the natural world that reflect life itself. In addition to serving as a constant reminder of the beauty all around us, they can also serve as symbols of rebirth, power, and fortitude. In the Bible, the Tree of Knowledge stands for both wisdom and temptation in the Garden of Eden. For some people, trees are also intrinsically religious and a part of creation.

There are tons of design options for tree tattoos, whether you want to use them as a personal, meaningful image or as a symbol of something bigger. For 24 tree-inspired tattoos to help you with your next ink project, keep reading.

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Stages of Life Tree Tattoo

Forearm tattoo depicting each stage of a tree's lifecycle


What better way to honor the different ages and stages of life than with an ode to the cycles of nature itself? This tree tattoo beautifully encapsulates the beauty and wisdom in each phase of life.

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Fairness Tree Tattoo

Close up of a tree and scale tattoo@MYTHOUSTATTOO / INSTAGRAM

Due to their stoic and lasting nature, trees can sometimes be seen as symbols of truth and fairness. Highlight that meaning further with the inclusion of Lady Justice’s scales in the design.

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Pine Tree Tattoo

Colorful pine tree tattoo on back of bicep


Different types of trees often have their own symbolism. Oak, for example, is an image of power and courage, while palm trees represent peace and light. Here, the great pine tree is an icon of eternal life and renewal.

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Balance Tree Tattoo

Forearm tree tattoo with zen motifs@GIAHI / INSTAGRAM

Trees have been said to represent androgyny and balance of self, as the reaching branches and light leaves symbolize femininity while the heavy trunk represents masculinity.

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Whimsical Tree Tattoo

Whimsical tree tattoo on forearm


We love how this whimsical design harkens back to medieval-style artwork. The choice of color, along with the distinct spiral detailing, evokes a sense of spirituality and fantasy alike.

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Bare Tree Tattoo

Bare tree tattoo on forearm@LITTLE.TATTOOS / INSTAGRAM

A tree doesn’t have to have a full bushel of leaves. If you want something a bit more “bare bones,” try getting just the skeleton of the tree—reflecting what it would look like in the winter.

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Tree Silhouette Tattoo

Close up of a finger with a pine tree tattoo


Trees make for great finger tattoos, as they can easily be shrunken down to fit the small area. Keep things simple with a basic outline of a tree so that you don’t overwhelm the limited space you have to work with.

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Camping Tree Tattoo

Close up of a forearm with a tree tattoo@JIJI_TATTOO / INSTAGRAM

Rather than a design that’s all tree, try creating a small vignette, like this camping tattoo. While the tree is the largest element and thus the focal point, the other elements tell a visual story that also catches the eye.

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Blackwork Tree Tattoo

Close up of a blackwork tree tattoo


For a tree tattoo that makes an impact without being too complicated, stick with a small blackwork design. The ink separates the leaves to create a bit of detail in the art as well.

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Crescent Moon Tree Tattoo

Friends with matching tattoos of a pine tree and crescent moon on upper arm@LITTLE.TATTOOS / INSTAGRAM

For some people, trees represent Mother Nature and a sense of self. Play up this feminine and personal feeling with a similarly symbolic image, like a crescent moon. Trees are also a good choice for a matching design with your best friend.

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Armband Tree Tattoo

Close up of a tree arm band tattoo


The taller trees grow, the longer their trunks are. This inherent height translates well to armband tattoos, as the wrapped part acts as the trunk.

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Vines Tattoo

Close up of vine tattoo on two shoulders@BLACKNINKED / INSTAGRAM

While this may not be a traditional tree tattoo, the vine design on both shoulders represents growth that cannot be contained. Although quite simple, it relays a powerful sentiment.

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Full Forest Tattoo

Ribcage tattoo of circular forest vignette


Maybe your vision is more about the greater picture than focusing on a singular tree. This stunning vignette of a misty forest is all about seeing past the myopic details for the larger meaning and fullness in the distance.

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Multi-Elemental Tree Tattoo

Close up of a tree and heart tattoo@TATTOOASHISH797 / INSTAGRAM

A unique and fun way to add detail to an otherwise simple tree design is to vary textures in the trunk and keep the leaves solid black. Add additional elements, like a heart to personalize it even more.

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Space Tree Tattoo

Close up of a tree and solar system tattoo


Trees represent being connected to nature, which contrasts with the solar system theme in this tattoo. Rather than looking odd, though, the tree helps to ground a design that’s otherwise up in space.

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Branch Heart Tree Tattoo

Close up of a tree tattoo on an arm@THULEANINK / INSTAGRAM

Tree branches twist and blow in the wind, so why not use their flexibility to your design advantage? This tattoo creates a heart out of the tree’s branches, but you can fashion just about any shape you want.

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Finger Tree Tattoo

Close up of a hand with a tree tattoo


Because trees are notorious for growing tall and in a number of directions, they make for a great piece of art for many areas of the body. Here, the fingers act as the roots of the tree as the branches reach up toward the wrist.

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Branch Tree Tattoo

Close up of a branch tattoo with kissing birds@TATTOOASHISH797 / INSTAGRAM

Rather than putting a whole tree in your tattoo design, make a branch the main element. This allows you to add other details, like birds or initials, to personalize the ink.

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Circular Detailing Tree Tattoo

Close up of a tree in a circle tattoo


To highlight the natural elements and shapes of trees, try adding circular detailing. This tattoo places the tree in the foreground and a circle in the back, playing up the movement in the plant.

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Bottled Tree Tattoo

Close up of a tree in a bottle tattoo@MANIAKOWSKA_TATTOO / INSTAGRAM

Trees are great additions to whatever design you may be dreaming up. Here, although the overall bottle design is the focal point, the tree is large enough within it that it draws the eye.

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Palm Tree Tattoo

Palm tree line drawing tattoo @BLACKNINKED / INSTAGRAM

Palm trees are a classic symbol of vacations and relaxation. This sweet ode can instantly transport you to more carefree times.

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Seasonal Tree Tattoo

Tattoo of four trees in various seasons@LITTLE.TATTOOS / INSTAGRAM

The seasonal transformation of trees is celebrated all over the world. It’s also a poetic reminder that there’s beauty in every stage, from the stunning array of colorful leaves to the shedding required for rebirth.

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Family Tree Tattoo

Family tee tattoo on back@XPOSEDTATTOO / INSTAGRAM

Trees represent creation, longevity, and endurance, as the flora is deeply rooted and constantly working to grow and thrive. This is perhaps why the concept of a family tree is so salient, not to mention a meaningful way to honor your bloodlines in ink.

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Alpine Scene Tattoo

Forearm tattoo of alpine scene with pine trees and yellow crescent moon@LITTLE.TATTOOS / INSTAGRAM

Perhaps it’s not just about the tree, but the feeling of being amongst them. This stunning alpine landscape certainly has the power to mentally transport you there. We especially love the yellow crescent moon for a hint of color to the black ink.

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