23+ Amazing Upper Back Tattoos for Women

The female body has always been glorified, serving as an inspiration or muse to great artists, and today we want to show you some fantastic tattoos that may both garnish and enhance a woman’s body. Women are typically thought to be delicate, light, and sensitive, thus a butterfly, feather, or flower is more of a sign of that. However, for individuals who are daring, full of life and energy, a compass or journey tattoo is ideal. You can do it in your own way, in color or in black and white, depending on your personality and attitude. You won’t be disappointed if you check out some of the following.

Butterfly in modern and minimalistic style.

Amazing tattoo of a tree, with great detailed branches.

Crown for a queen.

Another beautiful tattoo of a butterfly, this time very detailed and precise.

Anchor for good luck.

Dandelion; gentle and sensitive.

Tattoo with great amount of details, absolutely marvelous.

Matching tattoos; adventure is out there.

Beautiful feather, done with so much effort it looks almost real.

Beautiful tattoo of a flower done with various details.

One tattoo for adventurous types.

Tattoo of a rose, simple yet beautiful.

Tattoo of a leaf, beautifully coloured with details.



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