Bellingham reveals Toni Kroos’s crazy weapon: The unbelievable story behind the sold-out shoes


“The boots are the most significant item. I still do the cleaning myself. I’ve done it consistently. Toni Kroos thought about the most essential piece of equipment he had for playing football: his boots. “You have to take care of them… and that they are white, of course, always white.” Adidas, without fail. Additionally, the football surgeon—who has earned the nickname “millimeter passes”—has been wearing the same style of boots for almost thirteen years.

Bellingham acquires Kroos' secret weapon: "It was crazy, the day it was sold they all flew away"

The number eight for Real Madrid has been donning the Adidas adiPURE 11Pro for eternity, and he will continue to do so till he leaves the game. When Kroos was still playing on loan for Bayer Leverkusen prior to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the model came to light. The German player tried them on for the first time and made the decision to never take them off again. Unusual choice, to put it mildly, given that shoe makers are constantly improving the quality of their products through several innovations. Additionally, the football player requested that Adidas continue producing boots from the Adidas 11Pro line just for him, even though the model was retired in 2015.

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His current boots are a combination of two Adipure 11Pro models, including a sole with spike-shaped studs and a classic leather body in light blue and white. Everything is available to a football player who has been representing Germany for many years in each of his victories on the field. An ambassador with a distinct style… who has experimented with various models (Adida Copa 19+) but hasn’t been able to get the ‘feel’ required to dance on the field.

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A day of insanity… and distinctive advertising

The German midfielder unveiled his brand-new, limited-edition Adidas adiPURE 11Pro. Adidas reintroduced the iconic Toni Kroos boots that have never gone out of style, and the result was incredible: all of them sold out in a single day. “It was crazy; the day they went on sale, they all flew away from our website, physical stores, and all of our clients,” Adidas tells us. Adidas took advantage of the opportunity to reintroduce a particular model just ten years after the collection’s debut. And one should never touch what is working well. At least according to Kroos, he has never had a season in which his passing accuracy in the league and the Champions League fell below 90% since donning those recognizable boots.

Due to the exceptional marketing success of the special edition launch, Jude Bellingham even used the occasion to ask his spouse for a pair of his renowned boots. “Some size 9 (42.5),” the Englishman wrote in an Instagram comment. “They’re already on their way,” Toni Kroos answered. All things considered, the German player kept his word, and the English player’s request was granted in Valdebebas during Real Madrid’s final practice prior to facing Rayo Vallecano at the Bernabéu.

“Delivery special today. “Thank you, partner,” the fifth person wrote on social media, attaching a photo of the German gift to the English football player’s 42.5-inch foot. Jude has nevertheless managed to acquire a pair of boots as a memento, despite the German multinational’s belief that Toni Kroos is the only person who wears those boots. For the five, who have long loved the German and hoped to learn from Kroos and Modric in the white team, it’s a pleasure to accept the ball from Kroos, to be honest. In addition, I’m attempting to impart to him my skills and how the two of us can work together to improve each other’s games

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