Bob Knight made an attempt to get Portland to select Michael Jordan


The legendary NCAA coach, Bob “the General” Knight, passed away at the age of 83 after battling illness for several years.

Knight’s former colleague from his days as a college basketball analyst at ESPN, Jay Bilas, wrote a touching story about their friendship and remembered one detail that showcased the brilliance of the former Indiana coach.

It was about Michael Jordan, whom he had the chance to coach in the 1984 US gold-medal-winning Olympic team. Portland Trail Blazers general manager Stu Inman asked him for advice prior to the 1984 NBA draft.

“Knight counseled Inman to take Jordan, calling Jordan the best basketball player he had ever seen. Inman told Knight that the Blazers already had Clyde Drexler and needed a center. Knight responded, ‘Then play Jordan at center’,” Bilas wrote.

Eventually, Portland went for Sam Bowie with the second pick, while Jordan went to the Chicago Bulls as the third pick, and the rest is history.

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