Despite Not Having a Date Yet, Chad Stahelski Shares Positive Update About Henry Cavill’s Highlander Reboot: “Soon as I can”


Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, the Highlander movies gained significant popularity. With 5 films in the franchise, the series came to an end in 2007, and now, after more than 15 years, a reboot of the franchise has been confirmed. In November 2016, director Chad Stahelski was confirmed to be the director of the project and in June 2020, it was revealed that the movie is in “heavy development mode.” Subsequently, it was confirmed that Henry Cavill would have the lead role of Connor MacLeod in the movie.

Chad Stahelski (via Instagram)
Chad Stahelski (via Instagram)

Now, the director has given a promising update about the movie. Unfortunately, fans still didn’t get a release date and will have to wait for at least one year until they get some solid information regarding the reboot. The budget of the film is reportedly over $100 million with a screenplay by Mike Finch

Chad Stahelski gives an update on his Highlander reboot

Chad Stahelski (via Instagram)
Chad Stahelski (via Instagram)

In a recent interview with Collider, director Chad Stahelski gave an update on his upcoming Highlander reboot, which will feature actor Henry Cavill as Connor MacLeod,

“We do not have a date, but let’s say within a year. [Laughs] Soon. Soon as I can. I’ve been developing two shows side by side: Ghost of Tsushima and Highlander. Those are the ones that I love. I have a couple of other ones that I really love. I have Rainbow Six and a few other things, but they’re still in development in the script phases. I’ve been trying to do Highlander now for eight years. I’d really love to do it. All the tumblers seem to be in play, and if everything goes well, we get finished with this strike, and our schedules all work out, it looks very, very probable.”

Stahelski was linked to the project back in 2016, and since then, the director has been trying hard to kick off the production. He is also well-known for creating John Wick movies

This one thing will return from the original franchise

Chad Stahelski (via Instagram)
Chad Stahelski (via Instagram)

It has been confirmed that iconic music from Queen that was featured in the original Highlander film will be returning. In an interview with TheWrap, Stahelski confirmed,

“Yes [the Queen music will return]. Probably in a different way than you think, but hardcore yes,” adding, “We’re trying to encapsulate everything you loved about the original with more – meaning we want to ground it, we want it to be a great chance at world-building and mythology. But we still want to keep it fun.”

1986’s Highlander wasn’t a massive financial success, in fact, it received mixed reviews from the audience and critics. Despite the setbacks, it became a cult film and inspired several film sequels and television spin-offs. Fans won’t have to wait much this time as Lionsgate has given the project a green light, so one can expect a big announcement soon

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