Every Superman Actor From DC Animation Who Can Make Henry Cavill Sweat

With the release of 2013’s Man of Steel, the world witnessed the emergence of a new Superman in the form of Henry Cavill, who to this day, remains for many the best version of the Kryptonian superhero in history. Alas, the change that occurred in DC Films’ management forced him to leave his position as the Symbol of Hope in the DCEU.

Henry Cavill as Superman in the DCEU
Henry Cavill as Superman in the DCEU

But apart from his performance on the premier main stage of WB’s DC franchise, there are many stars who have donned the metaphorical cape of the superhero for the animated features that the company has delivered, which may even leave the Mission: Impossible star’s portrayal in the dust if compared.

1: Justin Hartley (Injustice, 2021)

A still from Injustice
A still from Injustice

Starting off the list with a darker, more broken version of Superman, 2021’s DC animated film Injustice introduced us to Justin Hartley, who voice acted the character. The movie follows the storyline from the comics where The Joker makes Kent kill Lane and destroy Metropolis through his deception, which prompts him to take the whole world as his hostage. Seeing just how gritty the narrative is, Hartley delivered the performance of a broken hero with absolute perfection.

2: Tim Daly (Superman: The Animated Series, 1996-2000)

A still from Superman: The Animated Series
A still from Superman: The Animated Series

Going back to the roots of the character in animated features, Superman: The Animated Series was the introduction of the superhero to many young fans all over the world. From the beginnings of Clark Kent after crashing in Smallville to major storylines like his battle with Darkseid, every one of them is documented in the feature. And bringing that weight of his humanity to the screen was Tim Daly, with every second of his performance making a moment in history come to life.

3: Darren Criss (Superman: Man Of Tomorrow, 2020)

A still from Superman: Man of Tomorrow
A still from Superman: Man of Tomorrow

Another story depicting the life of a superhero with the weight of the universe on his shoulders, Superman: Man Of Tomorrow was one of the first projects of the rebooted DCAU and showcased the titular character during his early days as the caped crusader. To bring that version of the hero out, Darren Criss modulated his voice to resemble a Superman who is more human than any human on earth, but at the same time, beaten down trying to maintain his personal life with his alter ego.

4: George Newbern (Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, 2001-2006)

A still from Justice League Unlimited
A still from Justice League Unlimited

After the successful run of Superman’s original animated series, the introduction of the Justice League alongside the Kryptonian was almost a given. Thus, with the release of Justice League, and subsequently, Justice League Unlimited, the role of Superman was given to actor George Newbern, who helmed the title of the superhero team leader. Thus, his voice acting visualized the commanding force of Clark Kent, which made him that much more impactful.

5: Jason Isaacs (Superman Red Son, 2020)

A still from Superman Red Son
A still from Superman Red Son

Taking on an Elseworlds storyline from the comics, Superman: Red Son tells the tale of how Kal-el lands in Russia rather than in Smallville, USA. Here, he seeks to unite the entire world under the socialist rule of the USSR, which demands him to take over the superpowers of Earth. The role was perfectly brought to life by Jason Isaacs, popular for playing Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter series with his excellent command of an imposing Russian accent.

6: Jack Quaid (My Adventures With Superman, 2023-)

A still from My Adventures With Superman
A still from My Adventures With Superman

With the latest addition to the Superman animated sagas, My Adventures With Superman portrays the superhero as his lightened version of the Symbol of Hope in contrast to his more visceral and darker versions in the past. In this series, Jack Quaid, popularly known for his role in The Boys as Hughie Campbell, plays the character by bringing that kind and soft-hearted naivety to Kent as he walks this phase of his life as a romantic, trying to be a good boyfriend to Lois Lane.

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