Exploring the Wonders of the Environment: A Creative Perspective on the Future through Nature’s Expressions

Fabien Barrau, a digital artist from Paris, has a unique talent for seeing faces and future predictions in images of nature. His dreamy and thought-provoking works convey deep meanings that captivate the senses. Despite working in advertising for well-known brands during the day, Fabien spends his nights creating stunning pieces of art using his drone and Photoshop. His creations are not only visually appealing but also have the power to raise awareness about real-world issues. By changing our perception of the world, Fabien’s art is truly transformative.

The Bright Side team was blown away by Fabien’s incredible work and couldn’t resist sharing its beauty with you. One of his most impressive pieces is a clever approach to draw attention to the devastating forest fires affecting our planet. So come along and enjoy these breathtaking works of art with us!

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A contemporary interpretation of a classic piece

There are cute animals that can be found in the forests during autumn.

Imagine a futuristic report from the year 2201 where New York City has been deserted for quite some time.

Hello and welcome to the land of wolves!

Our origin is rooted in the earth, yet our destiny lies among the stars.

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Looking into the future, we witness humans striving to adjust themselves to their unfamiliar environment.

“Look at the owl highway! There are drivers who take this route just to reach their intended exit.”

The decline and eventual collapse of the Roman Empire

According to the tales of Bear Creek, the bears used to convene at the summit of the hill to choose their ruler, and interestingly, it was always a female.

Geometry takes center stage with a sprinkle of poetry thrown in.

Lovers’ Island has been a witness to numerous beautiful love stories over time.

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