Formerly Compared to Hall of Fame Coach, 46-year-old NFL Veteran Likens Deion Sanders to Michael Jordan


College football is witnessing a never seen before impact when it comes to viewership and 56-year-old NFL legend Deion Sanders stands as the reason for it. Moreover, the comparisons that Sanders has been getting lately are quite amusing. Previously Shaquille O’Neal compared Sanders to a Hall of Fame NBA coach and it took only three games for the Lakers legend to make this statement. Now, a 46-year-old NFL veteran has compared ‘Coach Prime’ to Michael Jordan!

In what’s expected to be a breakout season for the Colorado Buffaloes, the fans are hyped to see the team succeed under the guidance of ‘Coach Prime’. Bringing back the nostalgia for many, Sanders continues to stay in the spotlight as the Buffaloes fight for a playoff spot.

Coach Prime continues to attract more eyes to college football

It’s safe to say, for the first time in football history, millions of fans have tuned into the game only to witness a coach run his team. Taking up the avatar of ‘Coach Prime’, Sanders has created his own fandom. While many continue to idolize the NFL Hall of Famer, former football quarterback Quincy Carter has found the reason behind it.

The 46-year-old NFL veteran shared, “From the standpoint of greatness on the field to a whole new dimension of advertising yourself…I would have to compare him to Michael Jordan.” What surprised Carter the most was the business Sanders created off the field.

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