Huge Adidas mural featuring Luke Shaw, a defender for Manchester United


The artwork, which was created on the side of the former Natwest bank, features Luke Shaw, the full-back for Manchester United and England, sporting jackets from the C.P. Company and Adidas Spezial. The former was created by the renowned Darwen-born designer Gary Aspden.

Shaw is the spokesperson for the latest Adidas x C.P. Company campaign, and the picture was probably shot at a recent photo shoot.

Known as the “godfather of sportswear,” designer Massimo Osti founded the upscale Italian clothing company C.P Company.

C.P. Company will participate in the British Textile Biennial 2021 program in honor of the brand’s 50th anniversary. The show will highlight five decades of Italian sportswear and Osti’s enduring legacy.

The exhibition, which runs in Darwen from Friday through October 10, will include unique archive pieces from the C.P. Company from throughout the label’s remarkable history.

Alongside this exhibition, there will be events such as student workshops and panel discussions including prominent figures from the casual culture and sportswear industries, in addition to speakers from the company.

Wayne Dixon, a campaigner and advocate for revitalizing Darwen through the use of art and creativity, said: “I think it’s absolutely brilliant.”

“Many of us in Darwen are huge fans of Adidas and what he has done there, and Gaz Aspden has made Darwen famous.”

“In my opinion, the community would benefit from having a greater number of murals and outstanding artwork. We have a ton of empty canvases that would look great around here.

“The artwork alone is wonderful, but what will really benefit us locals is the attention it will get to Darwen. Given the size of Adidas, people will travel great distances to view it.

“It gives Darwen one more advantage. I sincerely hope that there will be more.”

However, not everyone is as taken aback by the painting. Hundreds of Manchester United supporters joked on social media that it looked more like Eric Cantona than Shaw.

Mr Dixоn went оn tо sаy: “I knоw sоme fоlk hаve sаid this оr thаt аbоut hоw much it lооks like the plаyer, but it dоesn’t mаtter, I hоpe it encоurаges mоre аnd I persоnаlly think it’s fаntаstic.”

Speaking about how Aspden has “never forgotten his roots” and how they are “proud” of his achievements to Darwen, Mr. Dixon and a few other passersby commented on the artwork while stopping to snap pictures.

Schoolchildren and other onlookers paused to snap photographs with the painting, and other individuals approached the painters to express gratitude for their hard work.

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