J.Lo’s Bold Fashion Choice: Drop-Waist Trousers with Tailored Thong Peeking Out in Music Video Shoot

Jennifer Lopez has always been known for her impeccable taste in fashion, but she may have made a questionable choice on Thursday while filming her latest music video. The 49-year-old singer showed up wearing an unusual outfit consisting of drop-waist pants and a personalized thong that was visible above the waistline. Despite this unusual clothing choice, J-Lo remains a style icon in the industry.

A belt don't cost a thing: Jennifer Lopez appeared to make a rare fashion misstep on Thursday when the 49-year-old singer arrived on the set of her latest music video in a bizarre outfit

Jennifer Lopez made an interesting fashion choice on Thursday while shooting her newest music video. The 49-year-old singer seemed to have taken a rare misstep with her outfit, as she appeared in an unusual ensemble. However, one thing that didn’t seem to be a concern was her belt, which probably didn’t cost her anything.

The actress from Out Of Sight was seen sporting a pair of gray, scanty underwear that seemed to be made from the same material as her pants. The white crop top she had on only accentuated the visibility of her undergarments. Additionally, she had several heavy gold and silver chains around her wrists and neck. She wore her straight blonde hair down, parted in the center. It was clear from her appearance that she used to be a backup dancer.

Peep show! The Jenny From The Block songstress rocked drop-waist trousers with a tailor-made thong peeping out the top

Look! The singer of “Jenny From The Block” made a bold fashion statement by sporting drop-waist pants with a custom-made thong peeking out from the waistline.

Showing her Booty: The skimpy gray underwear appeared to be made of material matching her pants

Displaying her Behind: The scanty grey undergarment looked like it was crafted from the same fabric as her trousers.

Top of the crops! The Out Of Sight actress' underwear were made even more visible by the addition of a white crop top

The actress from Out Of Sight was seen sporting a white crop top that accentuated her underwear even more.

Collaborators: Jennifer reteamed with her Dinero cohort, DK Khaled, for the new music video

Around her neck and wrists were a bevy of heavy gold and silver chains

Jennifer has once again joined forces with her Dinero collaborator, DK Khaled, for the production of her latest music video. It is speculated that the video will be released alongside her upcoming single, Limitless, which was performed by the pop icon at the American Music Awards in the previous month. The song is a part of J-Lo’s new movie, Second Act, which features Vanessa Hudgens in a major role. Jennifer had recently shared a sneak peek of her new single on Instagram, where she posted a picture of herself with her children along with an advertisement. She wrote, “You are my sunshine… #limitless #availablethisfriday. #videocomingsoon #secondact.”

Good hair day: The former backup dancer wore her straight blonde tresses loose and with a center part

Having a great hair day: The ex-dancer who used to be a backup performer let her straight, blonde locks flow freely with a middle part.

Hugging it out: J-Lo embraces the All I Do Is Win hitmaker

J-Lo and the artist behind the popular track “All I Do Is Win” share an embrace in a heartwarming moment.

No dress code: DJ Khaled - whose full name is Khaled Mohamed Khaled - looked comfortable in sweat pants and a black T-shirt

DJ Khaled, whose birth name is Khaled Mohamed Khaled, was spotted wearing sweat pants and a black T-shirt, showing that there was no dress code for his attire. Recently, Jennifer Lopez shared some of her tips on how she maintains her youthful appearance in an interview with InStyle magazine’s December issue. The multi-talented artist revealed that avoiding caffeine and alcohol while getting enough sleep has helped her take care of herself, which is reflected in her looks. Despite weight training almost every day, Lopez still experiences back pain. She spoke about growing up with curves, stating that they were glorified and part of her culture, which made her embrace them.

Cross-promotion: The I'm Real hitmaker recently teased the new single on her popular Instagram account, captioning a photo of herself with her kids with an advert

Promoting her upcoming single, the singer of I’m Real shared a sneak peek on her widely followed Instagram account. She posted a picture featuring herself alongside her children and added a caption with promotional content.

Low rise: Jennifer carried a certain Miami elegance, mixing trousers and a white t-shirt

Jennifer exuded an air of Miami sophistication as she effortlessly combined low-rise pants with a simple white tee.

Off the bus: From the moment she stepped off her bus, JLo looked stellar.

As soon as JLo got off the bus, she exuded pure star quality.

On set: Her well-toned abs were immediately visible as she walked into the abs

As she arrived on set, her abs instantly caught the eye with their impressive tone and definition.

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