J.Lo’s Inspiring Fitness Journey: A Glimpse of Her Sizzling Abs and Arms on Final Day of No-Carb, No-Sugar Challenge

Encouraging both fans and famous individuals to partake in a difficult 10-day challenge that requires abstaining from sugar and carbs has been something she’s been doing lately. However, it appears that even Jennifer Lopez required some inspiration as she neared the end of this rigorous routine. On Tuesday, the 49-year-old singer posted a motivating photo on Instagram showcasing her well-toned abs and arms.

'I can't wait for Day 10': It seems Lopez needed a little motivation as she approached the final day of her grueling no-carb, no-sugar 10 day challenge on Tuesday

Jennifer Lopez was in need of some inspiration as she neared the end of her 10-day challenge without carbohydrates or sugar on Tuesday. She sported a mocha bra, yoga pants, and a beanie while posing seductively beside a fireplace in a photo for her active wear line, Niyama Sol. With a laughing emoji, she captioned the photo “Day 9 and feelin’… like I can’t wait for Day 10.” J.Lo and her partner Alex Rodriguez have been urging fans and celebrities to participate in the challenge along with them since last week.

Let's do it! Jennifer and her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez announced last week they would be beginning the 10 day challenge, and have been encouraging fans and stars alike to join them

Alright, let’s get started! Jennifer and her beau Alex Rodriguez recently declared they will be taking part in a 10-day challenge and are urging their followers and fellow celebrities to do the same.

Fit and fabulous: Lopez is close to completing the rigorous diet 

JLo is on a mission to become fit and fabulous, and she’s almost reached the end of her challenging diet. She even dared the Today show hosts to join her in the challenge, but they all confessed to cheating. Carson Daly couldn’t even stick to the diet for one day and jokingly asked JLo for forgiveness on the morning show. On the other hand, Hoda Kotb loved participating in the challenge, although she did admit to sneaking in a few cheats.

Join me! She even challenged the hosts of the Today show to the challenge, but they all admitted to cheating 

Come join me! I’ve extended an invitation to the Today show hosts to take on this challenge, but unfortunately, they all confessed to cheating. Let’s see if we can do better and have some fun with it!

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