Love story lasting two decades: The romantic love story of Lionel Messi and his wife Antonella started at the age of 13, making millions of women around the world admire.


Although Lionel Messi was still a small child when he first started, he had dreamed of playing professional football. However, he entered his room that day, sat at the table, got out a piece of paper and a pen, and began writing the name “Antonela.”

Something along the lines of “One day, we will get engaged” appeared in the letter the young boy wrote to the young girl.

A love story like this one would be fantastic on the big screen.

Born in Rosario, Argentina, in 1987, Leonel Messi dreamed of being a professional football player since he was a small child. Born in 1986, Antonela Rocuzzo is renowned for her beauty and kindness. The novel’s events take place in Messi’s pal Lucas Scaglia’s home.

During their first meeting, Messi was at Lucas’s house playing PlayStation games with Lucas. When Antonella came over to ask whether they needed anything, Messi was too ashamed to answer.

At the time, Messi had just turned nine, while Antonella was just eight years old.

“Who in the world is she?” Messi asked her partner after she finished her meal. “My cousin Antonela,” the other woman replied.

He couldn’t take his eyes off of her for even a split second in those 48 hours. The two children became friends, but Messi knew he wanted to live out the rest of his days with her even before they were old.

After that, the young Messi would regularly pay Lucas a visit at his house in the hopes of meeting his gorgeous cousin at last. because he knows that when some time has gone, this woman will end up being his partner.

Enrique Dominguez, the trainer, located Lucas’s father and asked him about the events that had occurred.

“What is Messi doing standing there?” he asked.

Lucas’s father angrily replied, “He wants to come to our house, so he is waiting for us to leave.” “He wishes to visit our home.”

“He comes over to your place pretty often; what’s the big deal about this now?” Enrique Dominguez posed the query.

“Anthela, Lukas’s cousin, is coming to stay with us as the weekend approaches. Lucas’s father informed him, “Messi has a thing for her.”

Leo Messi was soon bending down to Antonela Rocuzzo, who was wearing a skirt with pomegranates on it. Messi writes her letters on a regular basis, and he has promised to make her his girlfriend when they grow older.

When Messi was there, he found a woman who encouraged him to have a greater respect for life and a group of close friends.

Still, the two made the decision to go a long way.

The two young individuals enjoyed spending time together and soon became close friends. But life would finally separate them. George Messi, Messi’s father, decided to take his family on a vacation to Barcelona in the year 2000.

Messi and Antonela maintained their relationship for a while after that. They tried to stay in touch with one other, but their communication was at best choppy and their tools were complicated. Consequently, their interactions became less frequent over time.

Antonela’s buddy who had been in a car accident died in 2005. Although Antonella was only 17 years old, she was acting strangely at the time. She failed to show up for school for several days. Messi didn’t take long to travel to Argentina to be by her side after learning the news. It was obvious he was there to console her.

It is from that time that their relationship began to take shape. Though Messi and Antonella chose not to disclose this information, they were both aware of their deeper romantic feelings for one another.

Messi returned to Barcelona shortly after, and Antonella enrolled at the National University of Rosario to start dental school. Ultimately, their love relationship began when Messi turned 21. An acquaintance of Antonella’s claims that on July 20, 2007, she made her public relationship with Messi her first speaking engagement.

The world first learned about their connection in 2009. Messi’s personal life was questioned during the course of the discussion. He made some reference to a woman who lived in Argentina.

Though Antonella has no interest in football itself, she does have a preference for the greatest player of all time. She thinks it’s really boring to watch football. Messi made it clear in several interviews that “she is tired of football.” When I told her that I had played a hat trick or scored two goals when I got home, she didn’t seem interested.

The wedding festivities were held at the Pullman Hotel and the Rosario Downtown building. Many well-known football players attend the wedding. A small number of the bonds forged in childhood would grow into dependency.

Among the famous guests at the event are Shakira, a musician from Colombia, and Messi’s FC Barcelona teammates Luis Suarez and Neymar. Moreover, the wedding included guests from the Argentine national football team.

For Messi, his happy marriage is a major source of fulfillment. Antonela may feel like the luckiest girl in the world because she married her childhood sweetheart. It’s obvious that Messi and Antonella’s romance will develop into a fascinating story. Messi and Antonella are going to get married as soon as possible. Since Antonella knows that Messi loves her and has the endurance to propose, she is ready to wait for him to reach his goals before making the move.

We pray for them to have a lifetime of happiness and fulfillment and wish them nothing but the best for their young children.

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