Mbappé owned a house in Spain to prepare to play at Real Madrid when the Royal Club spent a huge amount of money when signing a contract of 130 million euros


Even though no one knows for sure when Mbappé will move to Madrid, the scorer has already bought a house in the City of Spain and is getting ready to leave.

While in France he has a mansion worth 8 million, the mansion that Mbappe can have in Madrid | El Futbolero US News

Lionel Messi is now at PSG, so the Parisian club will have to let some players go and may even have to move Mbappé. At the moment, Real Madrid wants to sign him more than anyone else, but PSG still won’t sell him. It would happen faster than you think, and Mbappé would already have a home in the Spanish city. 

Mbappé buys a house in Spain to play in Real Madrid: how is his mansion and the photos | El Futbolero US International Players

The French footballer had already signed a pre-contract to buy the house, and he had chosen in the last few hours to buy the house in the north of the city. There is a lot of evidence that this is Mbappé putting some pressure on Nasser Al Khelaifi, the head of PSG, who wants him to play with Lionel Messi and Neymar Jr. this season.

Mbappé buys a house in Spain to play in Real Madrid: how is his mansion and the photos | El Futbolero US International Players

PSG doesn’t have any money problems, and it looks like they still won’t let Mbappé go to Real Madrid, which is what the player wants. The move looks like it will happen next year.

La Moraleja is a neighbourhood in the town of Alcobendas, which is in the northern part of the Madrid metropolitan area. It is one of Madrid’s most expensive areas, and the homes are very nice. It’s also close to Real Madrid’s training centre.

Kylian Mbappe already looking for house in Madrid |

The main type of living in the urbanisation is single-family detached homes. In the eastern zone, there are eight sets of urbanisation areas with semi-detached, semi-detached, and detached houses. The most that can be built on each plot is 10% in the central and southern zones and 20% in the eastern zones.

Squawka on X: "@Baileyand810 Kylian Mbappe used to have a few Cristiano Ronaldo posters on his wall as a kid..." / X

Only 10% of the land that is left can be turned into a garden. The rest must be left alone to protect the mountain’s natural features. 

There are two shopping centres with everything you need, including grocery stores. About 12,000 people are living there. 

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