Not knowing Spanish, Man Utd star Greenwood received an immediate red card on the day Getafe played with 9 players in the loss to Rayo Vallecano


Man Utd’s loaned player Greenwood was sent off for insulting the referee, causing Getafe to lose 0-2 at home against Rayo Vallecano.

Greenwood received a red card in the 50th minute of the match against Rayo Vallecano. In addition to the English player’s red card, Getafe also had a disadvantage when two other players, striker Juanmi Latasa and right back Damian Suarez, also had to leave the field early. Rayo Vallecano easily defeated the home team with 2 goals in minutes 45+1 and minute 47.

Mason Greenwood one of three Getafe CF players sent off in loss to Rayo Vallecano in Spanish league | TSN

Mason Greenwood was sent off in Getafe’s loss to Rayo Vallecano

The forward was shown a red card for dissent

The forward was shown a red card for dissent

And replays of the incident seemed to show Greenwood swearing as he argued his case

Explaining the confusing decisions, the match’s main referee, Mr. Figueroa Vazquez, said that despite not knowing Spanish, Greenwood insulted him many times. The referee explained: “In the 50th minute, Greenwood was sent off because it seemed he reacted to my decision. After being sent off the field, he also made a repeated gesture, disagreeing with this decision. I don’t know if he understood what we said or not.

Besides him, Getafe’s remaining two red cards came from their inappropriate reaction to the referee. I heard many insults and the red card was deserved.”

In contrast to referee Figueroa Vazquez, Getafe’s coaching staff appeared confused by what their team’s players had to receive. Coach Jose Bordalas defended Greenwood and confirmed that the referee made a translation error when communicating with him.

Jose Bordalas  shared: “Greenwood is a very good guy. Even though he doesn’t speak Spanish, Greenwood always respects everyone. He never offended anyone, it’s that simple. I think everything was exaggerated and the referee was too strict, making things worse.”

Jose Bordalas revealed Greenwood told the referee 'don't f*** with me'

Since the beginning of the 2023 – 2024 season, Greenwood has moved to Getafe on loan. This player is still on the payroll of M.U and is supported by the English team with salary, Spanish learning and living conditions in the “Land of Bullfighting”. Greenwood also played brightly with 3 goals and 4 assists after 15 appearances. According to AS, the player born in 2001 is the target of big names in La Liga such as Atletico Madrid and Barca.

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