OVER THE MOON: Inside the luxury party that Tom Cruise and Will Smith threw David Beckham when Ex-Man Utd star arrived at America


Stars of Hollywood Tom Cruise and Will Smith ushered David Beckham into the United States in grand manner when he signed with LA Galaxy in 2007.

When the England icon finished his sensational transfer from Real Madrid, the two legendary actors held a star-studded celebration for him.

Tom Cruise and Will Smith threw David Beckham a party when he arrived at LA Galaxy

Victoria and David Beckham were at the centre of the celebrations

Several Hollywood stars attended, including Jim Carrey

The enormous celebration, which was compared to an after-Oscars party, was attended by some of the biggest movie and music stars in the world, including Bruce Willis, Jim Carrey, Matthew Perry, and Stevie Wonder.

The former Manchester United footballer recalled the incident in his BECKHAM documentary series on Netflix, saying: “Well, the funny thing was I was friends with Tom Cruise.


Tom Cruise bị tố quan hệ đồng tính với David Beckham - Sao Âu Mỹ - Việt Giải Trí


“I remember Tom turning around and saying ‘me and Will are going to throw you a party.’

“And I was like… ‘Will?’

“He said ‘Will Smith!’

Speaking about the party, Beckham’s friend and business partner David Gardner said: “It was like being in Madame Tussauds, everywhere you looked there was a famous person.

“And then the next minute the piano starts going and Stevie Wonder starts singing him Happy Birthday.

Former LA Galaxy star Kyle Martino added: “We had to make a circle for Tom Cruise so he could redo the choreography for the Risky Business dance scene.”

Before departing LA Galaxy in 2013 to join Paris Saint-Germain, where he later retired, Beckham had 124 games for the club during which he scored 20 goals and contributed 42 assists.

The next year, when he exercised his option to purchase a franchise, the Man Utd legend made his return to MLS.

Later, he founded Inter Miami.

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