Overwhelmed with the amount of money Ronaldo has earned since coming to Saudi Arabia


When it was announced that Cristiano Ronaldo would not be a candidate for the Golden Ball award in 2023, how much money has he made in Saudi Arabia so far?

Cristiano Ronaldo já doou milhões de euros - Impala

This was the headline that appeared in the UK edition of Mirror on November 3rd. This year was the first time in Cristiano Ronaldo’s career that he was not nominated for the Golden Ball award. His greatest rival Lionel Messi won the title for the eighth time. Ronaldo had been nominated for the Golden Ball for the previous 19 years in a row.

The year 2004 marked the first time CR7 was considered for a Golden Ball nomination. Since that time, Ronaldo has been included on the list of finalists every single year right up until the year 2022. In addition, he won this title five times, with Messi being the only player to beat him.

In light of the fact that Ronaldo scored 43 goals in all competitions for both his club and national team in the calendar year 2023, the decision not to include him on the list of nominees for this year’s award could be construed as unjustified. However, the Portuguese football sensation left Manchester United in January to play football with Al Nassr in Saudi Arabia. It is impossible to properly evaluate his play when considering the inferior level of competition he was competing in.

Bên trong căn hộ ở Ả Rập Saudi tốn của Ronaldo 300.000 USD/tháng

Since Ronaldo’s arrival in Saudi Arabia, how much cash has he made for himself?  – Picture No. 1.

How much money has Ronaldo made in Saudi Arabia up till this point despite the fact that he was not nominated for the 2023 Golden Ball title?

It is possible that the Golden Ball Awards ceremony that took place on October 31 marked the end of Cristiano Ronaldo’s peak phase, but up to this point, he still does not have a competitor in terms of earning money. In exchange for his departure from the most prestigious tournament in Europe, Al Nassr offered him a salary that was the largest ever recorded in the sport of football: up to 177 million pounds per year. In addition, as part of this arrangement, Ronaldo will represent Saudi Arabia as an ambassador in the country’s campaign to host the World Cup in 2034.

Đến Ả Rập, Ronaldo không chỉ có mỗi thu nhập khủng

The celebrity who was born in 1985 has amassed a total of 147.5 million pounds in earnings after ten months have passed after the signing of the contract with Al Nassr. When Ronaldo’s current deal with the club expires in 2026, it is estimated that he will be entitled to a compensation package of more than 530 million pounds. The enormous sum of money undoubtedly incorporates remuneration in addition to earnings from sponsorship and advertising deals.

Ronaldo is still showing his admirers in Saudi Arabia a version of CR7 that is in extremely high form, in addition to making a significant salary there. The Portuguese striker is currently in first place in the scoring race for the Saudi Pro League in the 2023/24 season. He has scored 11 goals thus far. His goals were a significant factor in Al Nassr’s ascent to the second place on the standings and their ability to stay in the hunt for the Saudi Pro League championship. Additionally, Ronaldo was recognized as the top player in this event for the months of September and October, which are consecutive months.

Ronaldo phấn khích khi vô địch Arab Club Champions Cup - Đài phát thanh và truyền hình Nghệ An

Ronaldo was able to continue to play at a high level when he returned to the Portuguese national team to compete in the Euro 2024 qualifiers despite the fact that he had been playing in Asia. CR7’s most recent goals not only contributed to the team’s success in securing early qualification for the tournament, but they also helped him set a new personal milestone of 127 goals scored for the Portuguese national team.

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