Real Madrid defender – Éder Militão is on the road to a faster recovery from an ACL injury as his latest training photos spread on social networks, causing Los Blancos fans to shed tears of joy🏋️


A Real Madrid player named Eder Militao has been hurt for a long time and was supposed to miss most of the season.

Madrid Universal on X: "️Militão will return to training in December. — @relevo" / X

The defender hurt his ACL in August and won’t be able to play again until March of next year, which leaves Real Madrid’s defense short-staffed.

Militao cuts the date

Good news, though: it looks like the Brazilian has shortened his schedule and could be back on the field by the end of the year.

Jorge Picon wrote this and says that the 25-year-old might be able to return to training by December.

Real Madrid News on X: "Eder Militão continues working on his recovery" / X

Picon says that the countdown to Militao’s return will begin after the Christmas break, but the exact date of his return has not been set.

Carlo Ancelotti could get a huge help from this. This season, the Italian coach didn’t have many choices at the back, but it looks like Militao will be able to play for a big part of the season.

Is Real Madrid’s plan working?

Even though Militao and Thibaut Courtois were hurt for a long time and David Alaba was hurt a lot, Real Madrid didn’t rely on the market very much.

Éder Militão on X: "Vamos!" / X

Even though they have a lot of problems, the Spanish giants are not likely to make any purchases in January.

When Militao got hurt, the club wouldn’t sign a replacement because they were counting on the player to get better quickly. It looks like that plan worked out.

Madrid Zone on X: "| NEW: Eder Militão shortens deadlines — he wants to start training in grass in December. @JorgeCPicon #rmalive" / X

Militao, on the other hand, has a long way to go before he can return to training, and he needs to keep up the fast pace of his rehab.

At the moment, Militao will begin working out alone as soon as the gym gives him the all-clear.

Éder Militão (@edermilitao) / X

Players will get help from Bruno Caco, their physical teacher, who is coming from São Paulo to be there for them.

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