Real Madrid young star – Bellingham in a photo shoot at Alfredo Di Stéfano when he was chosen by Adidas as the symbol for the introduction of the ‘Fussballliebe’ ball for Euro 2024 in Germany🌟


Jude Bellingham is already a star. On the field, where he scored 13 goals in 14 games for Real Madrid, he was also an advertising icon. The English player was chosen by Adidas as the image to donate the ball for the upcoming Euro Cup.

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Fussballliebe (love of football, in German) will be the match ball for 55 matches of the tournament taking place from June 14 to July 14, 2024. And Bellingham is one of the players who has The German brand decided to cooperate. to promote pitching.

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Bellingham posed with Fussballliebe during a photo shoot at Alfredo Di Stéfano, in which the Englishman was seen touching the ball, controlling the ball with his chest, and eyeing the ball. The match in Germany will be the second European championship for the Madrid player, who at the age of 17 (he turned 18 during the tournament) was called up by the England team for the previous edition, in which he participated in three matches.

England has qualified for Germany 2024 as first in group (C) and has rested Bellingham for two matches this break so he can recover from a dislocated shoulder.

Fussballliebe ball, a tool for referees

Fussballliebe is designed for accuracy and consistency, allowing for fast and precise play, but will also be a useful tool for referees, bringing the concept of connected balls to the Euros for the first time. Connected Ball technology developed by Adidas sends accurate ball data to video referees in real-time.

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By combining player position data with Artificial Intelligence (AI), this innovation contributes to UEFA’s semi-automatic offside technology and will be key to faster decision-making in matches. fight. This technology can also help VAR referees identify each touch of the ball, reducing the time it takes to resolve touch incidents and penalties.

Its design symbolizes the movement of the ball and the energy of the match

Fussballliebe is made up of 20 pieces and is designed to ensure accuracy and consistency, allowing for fast and precise play. In purely aesthetic terms, it is expressed through black silhouettes shaped like wings that are emphasized by colored lines, curves, and dots of the movement of the ball on the field as well as the energy of a match.

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The use of red, blue, green, and orange both celebrates the vibrancy that the competing nations bring to the tournament and celebrates the pure simplicity of football that attracts so much love from people. fans around the world.

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