Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez was spotted wearing a traditional green abaya during Saudi Arabia’s National Day

Georgina Rodriguez, the partner of Cristiano Ronaldo, was reportedly seen in Riyadh celebrating Saudi National Day while dressed in a traditional green abaya. This was reported by Arab News.

The attention briefly moved from Ronaldo, who had been the focus point for Al-Nassr in their recent victory over Al-Ahli, to Rodriguez, who stunned in green. Ronaldo had been the focal point for Al-Nassr in their victory. Notably, she was in the middle of a shopping binge at Lauerne, which is a well-known fragrance brand in Saudi Arabia.

In addition, the supermodel proudly waved the Saudi flag in honor of the 93rd year of the nation’s National Day celebrations. She is familiar with the Saudi perfume brand Lauerne, having already participated in a commercial earlier this year that was centered on the scent ‘Blue Lauerne’.

During that ad with the brand, Rodriguez shared her honest thoughts and feelings regarding her time spent in Saudi Arabia. The businesswoman and supermodel thanked Saudi Arabia for its emphasis on the importance of family in a statement that was published on uia Arab News.

“I feel quite protected in this nation, and the values it upholds for families are something I really respect. I was overjoyed to be able to make a connection with this heaven while I was here on Earth. It’s astounding the amount of power and magic that can be found in the Saudi desert.

During the match between Al-Nassr and Al-Ahli, Georgina Rodriguez was watching the game from the stands at KSU Stadium with her children. Al-Nassr were boosted by Cristiano Ronaldo’s fantastic performance. The Portuguese attacker did not let the audience of 25,000 down, scoring a pair of goals for his team, with the second goal being an incredible shot from outside the penalty area.

Georgina Rodriguez, the partner of Cristiano Ronaldo, has been making waves on social media with photographs of themselves aboard private jets.

Once more, Georgina Rodriguez stunned her sizable internet following with an inside look into a private jet. The Spanish model and social media influencer shared a series of images on Instagram in which she wore a stylish short white dress, which left her 51.4 million followers with a positive impression.

Rodriguez took her admirers on a vicarious vacation as she went off in pursuit of sun-soaked adventures while she casually posed for the camera with her legs crossed.

According to The Sun, she pointed the lens upwards and shared with her followers some magnificent views from the airplane. In addition to that, she showed them some of the fine jewelry that she possessed in her collection. Rodriguez immediately tweeted yet another selfie after landing down, this one showing him savoring the sunlight just before embarking on an activity that involved water.

However, Rodriguez does not spend all of his time lounging about in tranquil places or traveling the world. In addition to this, she has been quite proactive about keeping her fans informed about her fitness endeavors. Another picture showed off her toned physique while she was on vacation, and it was taken while she was swimming. It was a great way to show off her fit body.

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