Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s families ‘could spend Thanksgiving TOGETHER’ at Kelce’s new $6 million home in Kansas City

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s families still want to spend Thanksgiving together, even though Swift can’t make it to his game tonight.



Swift never said for sure that she would be at Arrowhead Stadium to watch Travis play against his brother Jason and the Philadelphia Eagles, but when she moved an Eras show in Brazil to Monday night, there was no way she could have gone.



However, it is said that her parents will be at the game. If that’s true, they will meet Travis’s parents for the first time. 


TMZ says that Travis’s new $6 million home in Kansas City could be the place where the families get together for Thanksgiving later this week.


TMZ also says that Travis and Taylor are still deciding how they will spend Christmas together. On Christmas Day, Kelce and the Chiefs play the Raiders in Kansas City.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift's families could spend Thanksgiving together in Kansas City

Travis watched one of Swift's Eras shows in Argentina recently with  her father ScottTaylor was met Travis's mom Donna on multiple occasions while watching Chiefs games

Taylor’s dad, Scott, and Travis met when they stood together to watch Taylor’s Eras show in Buenos Aires. Even though Scott has always been an Eagles fan, he was seen wearing a Chiefs lanyard that Travis had given him.


The game looks like it will be a big deal on the field. There are two great teams in this year’s Suρer Bowl, just like there were last year, when Travis and the Chiefs won.


Travis and his brother Jason, who plays center for the Eagles, will put aside their brotherly love for the game. Their mom Donna may be tempted to wear her 50-50 Suρer Bowl jersey from February to support both of her sons.


Last week on their New Heights podcast, Jason told Travis that he was excited to meet Taylor’s dad because he used to play center in football.


‘He’s a huge football fan; he played in college,’ Travis said. I think she spent a year in Hawaii and then another year or two at Delaware. I forget how long she was there.


“I think he used to play linebacker and now plays center. He’s a big guy, about 6 feet 2 inches.”


“We’re going to have to get together and talk some center shop one day,” Jason said.


Ed Travis, Travis’s dad, and Taylor have also met. The Chiefs star joked with his brother that meeting Taylor made him nervous.


Travis made a joke, “This is a scary conversation.” “I felt bad for Taylor,” he said, then went on to sаy how much he loves his dad.

Travis recently purchased a $6milliom mansion in Kansas City as he wanted more privacyTravis and his brother Jason (right) play against each other in the NFL on Monday night

Travis and his brother Jason (on the right) play against each other in the NFL on Monday night.


“He’s a great talker.” It’s where Jason gets all of his charm and good stories. This is just something we sаy to make fun of the big guy. 


Donna and Ed were happily married for almost 25 years before they split up.


Taylor and Donna have met more than once. The first time Taylor went to a Chiefs game, she sat next to Donna in the Kelce suite at Arrowhead Stadium.


In terms of his new home, Travis really spent a lot of money on it last month because he wаnted more privacy.


The house has a swimming pool, a waterfall, and a mini golf course, which should be enough to keep all of his guests happy. 


Each family will be thinking about tonight’s game, especially the Swifts because they are from Philadelphia and are Eagles fans.


At the moment, Jason’s Eagles have the best record in the NFL (8-1). However, Travis’s Chiefs are only 7-2, so they’re not too far behind. 

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