Taylor Swift KISSES boyfriend Travis Kelce as she closes out sold-out Eras Tour show in Argentina


Fans went crаzy when Taylor Swift kissed her boyfriend Travis Kelce passionately right after the end of her second Eras tour show in Buenos Aires on Saturday night.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, Swift, 33, can be seen leaving the stage in a sparkly purple dress and immediately putting her arms around Kelce, 34, who was waiting for her stage left.

The couple then pressed their lips together and shared a short smooch, which made Swift fans who were lucky enough to see it go down scream.

According to DailyMail.com, Kelce was at the sold-out show on Saturday with Swift’s dad Scott Swift. Kelce arrived in Argentina on Thursday. Pictures showed that they were in a VIP tent inside the huge stadium, where they had a great view of the stage.

The singer of “Bad Blооd” winked at her new boyfriend during the show as he laughed and joked with her businessman father in the large hangout.

While singing the Evermore song Willow, Swift sang directly to Kelce and mouthed the words, “That’s my man.”

The words to her song Karma were changed just for Kelce, and she sang, “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs coming straight home to me.”

Even though her dad is a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan, he was seen wearing a Kansas City Chiefs lanyard around his neck as if to show his approval. He and Kelce had just met recently.

Beginning a new era: In August, Swift finished her North American tour. This week, she began her South American tour in Argentina; seen in MayHer lover danced and sang along to all of her Һits in front of fans, making her look like she would do anything for them.The Grammy winner began playing Һits from her “Reputation Era,” and Kelce was seen mouthing “wow” and looking very impressed.In her Һit song “Delicate” from 2017, she sang directly to Kelce while pointing to the VIP box and saying, “You must like me for me.”She looked at the football player and asked, “Is it cool that I said all that?” while she sang. “Is it cool that I can think of you?”Her dad filmed her while she was singing and then went back to talking to Kelce some more. Kelce joined the chants of “olé olé olé” and then looked at her dad’s phone and saw a recording of him cheering for Taylor Taylor after she talked about her Grammy nominations.And as a surprise, she sang “End Game” at her show, while Kelce watched and paid close attention. She sang in the lyrics, “I want to be your endgame,” which seemed to be a message to him. 

A lot of fans: A different tweet said that everyone would love to see the music star perform live. “Come on, it’s Taylor, why wouldn’t you want to go?”The source said that the singer’s parents were “suρer harsh critics” of her love life, but they are thought to be “fully supportive” of her new relationship.”They only want Taylor to be with someone who loves her for who she is and keeps her safe,” they said.Everyone thinks she has finally met her match, even though it might be too early to sаy for sure. Travis is a gentleman.His family also “adores her,” and all of her friends are “legit so happy for her,” the source said.

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