The MCU Role Henry Cavill Reportedly Was in the Race for Before Captain Britain Rumors


Henry Cavill is one of the leading men in the industry and has been attached to several pop culture projects over the years. Following his exit from both Superman and Witcher, the fans are excited to see him in another major venture once again. Although his Warhammer 40k series is under development, there’s a huge craze among his fans to see him in the MCU.

For years, he has been imagined by the MCU fans in several roles starting from Sentry to Hyperion. Most of the time, these rumors prove to be nothing. However, several reports stated that Henry Cavill was in the race to be the next Reed Richards aka Mister Fantastic.

Reed Richards Marvel
Reed Richards a.k.a. Mister Fantastic

Henry Cavill was a potential choice for Mister Fantastic

Fantastic Four has been in discussion since it was announced by Kevin Feige. Several stars were in the race to be Marvel’s first family. Reports stated that the ex-Superman fame was also a potential candidate to be the Smartest Man on the Planet.

All of these started when Henry Cavill left both Superman and Netflix’s The Witcher due to several reasons. Soon after the Enola Holmes actor left DC, the Marvel fandom went wild and there were rumors about his debut in the MCU. As the characters of Sentry and Hyperion were similar to Superman, many fans speculated that Cavill might appear in any of these roles.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill as Superman

Interestingly, Giant Freakin Robot exclusively reported that Henry Cavill is in conversation with the Kevin Feige fortress to play Mister Fantastic aka Reed Richards. However, the rumor never came to fruition and after much speculation, it is now rumored that Pedro Pascal will take up the role. It can’t be denied that we could have seen a unique and amazing take on the character in the MCU.

For a long time, MCU fans have been asking Henry Cavill to appear in the MCU. It is theorized that he can be a great Brian Braddock aka Captain Britain.

Is Henry Cavill going to be Captain Britain?

Captain Britain
Captain Britain

Even though the reports of Pedro Pascal state that he is all set to be the new Reed Richards in the Fantastic Four reboot, there’s also something for Henry Cavill. The rumor mill is running strong that our Cavill can appear as Brian Braddock aka Captain Britain.

The 40-year-old is one of the most requested castings in the recent few years. Additionally, the actor has also expressed his interest in playing a British character that has never been played before. Captain Britain might prove to be an effective chance for both Cavill and Marvel. Similar to Chris Evans’ Captain America, this character can also be one of the faces of the MCU if executed well.

The British background of Henry Cavill can help him present an amazing take on the character. It is to be also noted that his reappearance in the world of superheroes is sure to drive the fans mad. Given, the present condition of MCU’s box office data, his inclusion in this universe can bring a horde of new fans to the fandom.

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