The most ostentatious and lavish gifts Ronaldo has ever received in his life at the age of 38 shocked millions of people.

From luxury cars to the lights on the tallest tower in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo has always distinguished himself with luxury.

Cristiano Ronaldo turns 38 this Sunday. CR7 will blow out the candles with his family by his side, but this time, he does it from Saudi Arabia. In 2023, Ronaldo took an unexpected turn in his career with his partner and children by going to the city of Riyadh to start a new journey after signing a multi-million dollar contract with Al Nassr.

For this year’s birthday, although the plans for this special day are unknown, it is certain that the celebration will be lavish, at least based on what people have seen over the years.

Ronaldo is happy with his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez

Without a doubt, Georgina Rodriguez will surprise her boyfriend with a grandiose gift as she has done in recent years.

Luxury gifts between Ronaldo and Georgina have always been a feature of their relationship, from luxury cars to classy parties, to birthdays, Christmas Day or special days.Cars are Ronaldo’s passion and Georgina knows it. Last Christmas, in the hands of Santa Claus, the Portuguese striker woke up with a Rolls Royce, a luxury car that costs 300,000 euros.

Ronaldo received a favorite gift from his girlfriend on his 37th birthday

On his most recent birthday, when he blew out the candles at the age of 37, another luxury car was a lavish gift for the star – a 7-seater Cadillac Escalade worth 150,000 euros.

On his 35th birthday, Ronaldo also received a Mercedes-AMG G63 with a large red bow tie for about 330,000 euros.

Luxury cars are often a birthday gift for Ronaldo

But not only Ronaldo received gifts. He is very generous with his partner and whenever possible shows his affection in the most lavish way possible. When Georgina turned 28, Ronaldo made the Burj Khalifa in Dubai glow with the image of his girlfriend.

Latest family photos that Ronaldo shared

In 2021, a Louis Vuitton jeweler was sent to Georgina’s room with pieces of fine jewelry worth 124,000 euros. Three years earlier, the former Real Madrid player also surprised his girlfriend with a Cartier ring worth about 700,000 euros. At the time, there were rumors that it could be an engagement ring, but to this day, there is no news of an upcoming marriage.

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