“We can’t tell you what it is”: Doctor Who Showrunner Reveals British Marvel Show He Almost Helmed


Doctor Who has been airing on BBC since 1963, but it was showrunner Russell T. Davies who played a crucial role in reviving the series in 2005 after a 16-year-long hiatus. Davies left the series in 2008, only to return in 2023 for the Doctor Who specials featuring David Tennant’s Fourteenth Doctor. Davies has now revealed that he was approached for a British Marvel show.

David Tennant in Doctor Who
Doctor Who showrunner Russell T. Davies was approached to helm a British Marvel show

The Welsh screenwriter had no idea what the specific show was or whether it went through production. Davies’ mention of the “British Marvel show” has sparked speculation among excited fans, who hope Marvel might consider a project based on the comic book character Captain Britain, with Henry Cavill potentially cast in the role.

Doctor Who Showrunner Was Approached For A “British Marvel Show”

The poster of Secret Invasion
The “British Marvel show” could be Secret Invasion which was set in West Yorkshire, England

Doctor Who showrunner, Russell T. Davies, revealed to GamesRadar that executives from Marvel approached him to helm a ‘British’ show. The people who approached him didn’t reveal any details about the project, but Davies turned down the offer. However, Davies remains uncertain about the show’s identity. He revealed that he kept a tab on the Marvel projects to see whether the project came to fruition. Davies told GamesRadar:

“I got asked to showrun a British Marvel show, but [they said] ‘We can’t tell you what it is.’ To this day, I watch them and I can’t work out which show that was going to be. Obviously planning to make a British Marvel show that I haven’t seen. Has that happened?”

With Davies’ revelation, fans have taken up the job of finding the “British Marvel show” and a lot of rumors are circulating online. The most popular theory suggested a speculated Marvel project centered around the character Captain Britain. However, another section of fans argued that the term “British” may refer to the location or sensibility rather than the character.

Based on the second set of rumors, fans argued that the critically panned series, Secret Invasion, could be the undisclosed show. The series was set in West Yorkshire, England, and the behind-the-scenes drama during its production further strengthened the argument in its favor. One of the directors, Thomas Bezucha, exited the show, leaving the other director, Ali Selim, stranded in a mess, causing delays in production and risking actor commitments.

Will Marvel Ever Bring Captain Britain Into The MCU?

Henry Cavill in The Witcher
Henry Cavill is interested in playing Captain Britain in the MCU

The revelation from the Doctor Who writer has reignited the interest of Marvel fandom in the Captain Britain character. Marvel Comics recently established that Brian Braddock aka Captain Britain was capable of defeating the God of Thunder, Thor. Henry Cavill, the former Superman actor, is a huge fan of this Marvel character, fueling speculation about him potentially playing Captain Britain.

Fan art depicting the Man of Steel actor in Brian Braddock’s suit was recently circulated online. When asked if he would play the character, Cavill replied that it would be a cool opportunity for him. He further added that his portrayal of the character will be inspired by Chris Evans’ portrayal of Captain America. Now free from his DC role, The Witcher actor may finally pursue his dream role.

If Henry Cavill is open to the role, Marvel will probably consider moving forward with the project. Fans can enjoy both Doctor Who and MCU projects, streaming now on Disney+.

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