Zack Snyder’s Barbaric Workout Routine is Enough to Scare Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill


Filmmaker Zack Snyder is known for many things, from his epic film adaptations to establishing the DC Extended Universe. However, there is another factor to the renowned director as he is known for keeping up with his physique, similar to the stars of his movies. He opened up about his intense upper body workout in a 2021 interview with Men’s Health as he shared an insight into his commitment to fitness as an integral part of his work process.

Zack Snyder (@zacksnyder | Vero)
Zack Snyder (@zacksnyder | Vero)

Zack Snyder Shared His Intense Workout Routine

Zack Snyder, known for films like 300, Watchmen, and the DCEU, gave a glimpse into his fitness regimen in an interview with Men’s Health. He shared the profound impact fitness has had on his work ethic and creativity as he revealed that he commits to an hour of training nearly every day.

Zack Snyder's interview with Men's health
Zack Snyder’s interview with Men’s Health

The filmmaker shared that his trainer, former Olympic weightlifter Alessandro Komadin, helps him to achieve his muscular physique. He also acknowledged that although he does not always know exactly where he stands in his workout plan, he trusts his trainer’s expertise.

The Watchmen director shared his upper body workout, which includes challenging exercises for the chest, shoulders, and arms. The chest workout includes 4 sets of bench presses, incline presses at descending weights, and 3 sets of flyes, and incline machine presses at descending weights.

Zack Snyder working out; via Men's Health
Zack Snyder working out; via Men’s Health

His shoulder workout includes 3 sets of vertical presses and lateral raises at descending weights, and for arms, he does curls with both barbells and dumbbells focusing on lifting as much weight as possible. The Rebel Moon director also shared how the fitness routine has helped foster a sense of harmony among the cast and crew on his films’ sets.

Zack Snyder Challenged the Cast of His Movie

During the interview, Zack Snyder also shared that he would often challenge his film’s cast to beat his record, especially while working on the 2006 film 300. The movie is known for implementing a grueling training program for its actors to turn into warrior-like figures.

Gerard Butler
From the set of 300

“Starting on 300, I would come in before everyone else, I would do the workout, Mark would put my times and my PRs on the board and all the actors would have to beat it. Few did.”  

He shared how fitness has also been a very integral tool in building community as he shared that the gym provides an opportunity for everyone to come together. “It really turned into this family thing,” he shared. Snyder also established a gym on the set of his 2009 film Watchmen for everyone from the cast to the crew to come together and train.

Zack Snyder
Behind the Scenes of Justice League

There’s no doubt that the Army of the Dead director doesn’t take his fitness lightly. Snyder’s dedication to his physique is inspiring, and his commitment to creating a supportive community within his productions is impressive. However, not everyone can handle such an intense workout routine.

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