CR7’s son turns a new age and has a stylish style no less than his father

The son who turned a new age as CR7 couldn’t help but be proud.

Recently, CR7 posted a photo taken with his eldest son Cristiano Jr. when he officially turned 14. The photo shows that this teenager is almost as tall as his father, has a handsome face and curly hair. count.

The photo quickly received more than 8.5 million likes and more than 60,000 comments. Thousands of netizens sent birthday wishes to this teenager.

Cristiano Jr. is CR7’s pride as he has passion and shows outstanding talent for football.

CR7 posted a photo of his eldest son wishing him turning 14.

Cristiano Jr. is considered a perfect copy of his famous father. The teenager is passionate about working out at the gym and once attracted attention with a photo of him with toned muscles and a 6-pack abs not inferior to his father’s.

Besides, he also has an outstanding height compared to his peers. With the current height growth rate, the eldest son of this football superstar is said to be able to reach the 1m90 mark in the future.

Like his father who is a stylish superstar, Cristiano Jr. inherited his stylish and unique fashion sense. Born at the finish line, it’s easy to understand why the 14-year-old boy always uses branded goods and expensive accessories.

Cristiano Jr. has a body no worse than his father.

Noble CR7 has a unique fashion style.

Cristiano Jr. has been seen many times wearing luxury watches with expensive prices. In 2020, when he was only 10 years old, Cristiano Jr. wore a diamond-encrusted Rolex watch worth about 550,000 USD (13.9 billion VND).

Whenever he appears in public with his family, CR7’s son always becomes the center of attention with his outstanding face and dynamic and unique fashion sense. 

In particular, he is quickly following in his father’s footsteps, becoming a soccer star . At U13 Al Nassr, CR7’s son also soon scored his first goals.

Maria Dolores, CR7’s mother, also believes that her grandson has better skills than his father at that age. She hopes that he will become a good player in the future. 

A sports news site commented on CR7’s son as follows: ” This teenager shows similar playing ability to his father, also possesses speed, has skillful technique and plays as a wing striker. “.

The teenager is a talented player.

Many online users commented that, certainly in the future, the world football world will continue to witness the explosion and shine of a new name, that is CR7’s son.

As the son of a famous superstar, enjoying a rich and prosperous life, Cristiano Jr. is quite secretive in the media. This teenager only participated in a few important events when appearing with his family.

Many sources said that Cristiano Jr. is spending time focusing on training, improving his form and soccer technique with the desire to become the brightest star on the field.

CR7 also repeatedly expressed his pride and happiness next to his perfect copy.

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