The truth about Real not attending the 2025 FIFA Club World Cup, the club officially spoke up

Coach Ancelotti was shocked when he revealed that Real Madrid would refuse to participate in the 2025 FIFA Club World Cup. However, the Royal Football Club has issued a correction.

Coach Carlo Ancelotti just made a shocking revelation to the media. In an interview with Il Giornale newspaper, the Italian coach frankly stated that Real Madrid will not participate in the 2025 FIFA Club World Cup (scheduled to take place from June 15 to July 13, 2025).

Coach Ancelotti helped Real Madrid win the 2022 FIFA Club World Cup

“FIFA should forget about that tournament. Real players and clubs will refuse to participate in that tournament. A Real Madrid match is worth about 20 million euros while FIFA only pays us that much to play the whole tournament. Like Real Madrid, some teams will decline invitations to participate in the FIFA Club World Cup.”

The amount of money the Italian teacher mentioned surprised many people. Previously, many sources revealed that each team participating in the FIFA Club World Cup will receive about 50 million euros and this number can increase to 100 million euros if that team wins.

FIFA Club World Cup 2025 is organized in a new version. Instead of selecting champions in continental cup tournaments, FIFA increased the number of participating teams to 32. The tournament also does not take place at the beginning of the new year (or at the end of the old year) as usual, but rather held in July in the US.

Rea Madrid will still participate in the Intercontinental Cup, a miniature version of the FIFA Club World Cup with the old format in December. However, the 2025 FIFA Club World Cup is a different story, not just in terms of prize money.

“Next season, we will start at the end of August 2024 and end the season at the end of July 2025. It’s a crazy schedule and people will die because of it.” An anonymous member of Real Madrid gave an interview.

It’s a very real story. Real Madrid is the latest team to have a break in Europe due to participating in the Champions League final . They are also the team that starts the season earliest when they play the European Super Cup match on August 14. From then on, this team will have to play continuously. 

They will compete in La Liga, the Spanish King’s Cup, and the Champions League. In December, “White Vulture” attended the Intercontinental Cup. If they agree to participate in the 2025 FIFA Club World Cup, Carlo Ancelotti and his team will end the 2024/25 season on July 13. According to calculations by Relevo newspaper, Real Madrid may have to play up to 72 matches within 11 months, which is an average of about 6.5 matches/month. That is a huge number for all teams.

Not to mention the fact that many players from this team will participate in EURO 2024 and possibly the 2024 Olympics. With few days off while the number of matches increases, the risk of injury is extremely high. Therefore, if Real Madrid refuses the 2025 FIFA Club World Cup, it is not entirely unreasonable.

However, in the most recent statement on the homepage, Real Madrid Club denied information that the team will not attend the 2025 FIFA Club World Cup. Real’s announcement read: “Real Madrid Club has never doubted ability to participate in the tournament. Our club will officially participate in this tournament as originally planned. We are proud and very happy to be part of the tournament next year Trying to bring joy to millions of fans around the world with another title.”

As for coach Ancelotti, he also corrected that his speech in Il Giornale newspaper was just a misunderstanding and was misinterpreted. Ancelotii explained: “In my interview with Il Giornale, my words about the FIFA Club World Cup tournament were not interpreted the way I wanted. Nothing interests me more than participating in a tournament. which I think could be a great opportunity to continue fighting for big titles with Real Madrid.”

Thus, the information about Real not participating in the new version of the FIFA Club World Cup next year has been refuted. And this is really good news for the whole tournament as well as fans of the white team.

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